Around the Heart of Alaska

This Glacier is a place of many memories for our family..Earlier on in our life here my husband rescued and retrieve a helicopter from the glacier..we have camped at the base ,,,,walked the swing bridge,,panned for gold,,watched climbers,hikers and fished the many streams in the area….for a few days I will be adding different shot of the times we have had here,,,stay tuned in for more here

Found the maps to start tomorrows travel around the heart of Alaska
Map # 1

Close up of above map

I first learned of this heart from a friend … its just one of the many hearts that the universe gives me ..leaving North Pole in the am Sept 18 2010 to try to capture a few disks of photos to work with before the snow begins …

Sept 20 2010
We are back and the start of this post will be of a photo that was taken on our last stop before the end of the trip .First I am always finding hidden hearts that are given to me by the universe below is the best one I have found so far

the heart is on the side of a mountain on the outer edges of the main park and trees and small touches of fall colour form the heart..looks like a broken heart, or maybe three hearts merging to make one ….
…we had stop to get a little something to eat and take a nap ..we are older and naps in a truck heated by the Alaska sun are nice …today is full of Dr appointments and work but tonight I will line up all the photos of the trip and take you on a trip around the heart of Alaska …I promise.…..


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