Trip Around The Heart

Disclaimer of my writings: My whole purpose is to share my Alaska ,my photos and my thoughts of my life…I am a wife,mother, grandmother,artist of hope , photographic hopeful,and dreamer of tomorrows,,, I love sharing my little parts of Alaska both in words and paintings and photos but allowing all info pages by people with all the facts and figures …I am just sharing the highlights that one might find if they care to travel here,,,,I am not a professional just one that loves My Alaska
Our get away trip around the heart of Alaska began at our front doorway

in North Pole Alaska ..we have lived here in North Pole at this address since 1982. We came to Alaska in 1975 on one of our many military moves,we live just down the street and around the corner from Santa Clause House insert link to

We pulled out of our driveway and start down the highway headed to Delta Junction … travelling first pass Moose Creek Bluff
many wild artist of the spray paint can have left their marks on the sandy bluff …..awesome view of the valley and Moose creek stream from atop the bluff…..
onward toward the town of Moose Creek

Truly the day is beautiful ,no wind, golden yellows of fall, and bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky ,,,,how great is this ….

We will be passing by Eielson Air Force Base on the left

There is a beautiful park on post with lots of air planes,and different thing to view

Passing through little town of Salcha very amazing little community of wonderful people……saw a few moose in the area but traffic made stopping for photos impossible … maybe next time …..topping the hills in the tenderfoot area we pull over and click click click goes the camera and talk talk talk to a new person to Alaska who also stopped to view the river below ,,,,while husband shares best fishing spots and things to see on their trip toward Fairbanks ….. I notice a shadow figure in a tree not far away….. yeah a great find is found….. a young eagle in a tree not far from the pull off..

.click, click ,goes the camera and a little more sharing and then we are off again ,,,,
Making our way on down the road we finally arrive in Delta Junction Alaska ….taking a few more photos of the mountain range

and river then shopping for a little food for the road ..we are off again to other places.
If we had gone straight out of Delta we would have gone to Tok then to Gleenallen but that is another trip and another story …so we will cut across to Paxson Alaska instead,…we are off to next town which will be Paxson but,before we get there we make a little stop at the glacier and lake for a few photos ..drink a little coffee watch beaver and loons on the lake while talking about the last fishermen of the season ,and the many, many hunters around the lake area …..then off to Paxson ..…one can always buy bundles of wood for camp fires at Paxson Lodge ..
..if one turns here you can travel the Denali Highway (another story another time ) but this time we are going straight down the heart to Glennallen Alaska .while driving this way we pass many little lodges and ponds,lakes……finally we arrive at Glennallen

this fish wheel is found at the Hub,a local store and gas station. We make the turn toward Tolsona Lake Lodge

to spend the night ….many thing to take photos of and many tales of the former owners of the lodge …great food,friendly people,quite really quite night ..many exciting things inside the lodge to see…......only sounds heard were loons on the lake ,,,,,,…..slept in til eight a.m,. but still caught some great photos of the morning fog on the lake ...lodge is on winter hours now , so if one must leave early one just leaves key on table in room we are off again to finish the trip around this portion of the heart ……there were moose on highway this morning but again can not stop for photos to many cars and hunters …on we push toward the date with breakfast ..Stopping at Eureka Summit great breakfast and good company ..took photo of the old cabin that was the original lodge .
…. Lots of ponds and lakes and fall colours of red and yellow and willow browns and a bright blue fall sky with out a cloud inside glaciers,rivers, mountains that never end ,sheep so far up the mountains that they are white dots to one’s eyes…thing about windless days in the Alaska fall …no wind means lots of black flies and mosquitoes and nasty gnats oh my please a little wind would be nice …..
Back on the road toward Sutton Alaska
amazing little area of alaska with loads and loads of history and wonderful amazing friendly people … the little native grave yard sits across from the river in Sutton..
heading off now to Palmer Alaska

moving faster now cutting across to Wasilla Alaska
another wonderful place to visit and boat and fish and shop and just have fun ....the above lake photo is taken from the same lake that Sarah Palin lives on ,,,another great town to visit lots and lots of history in Palmer and Wasilla
now we are going to be passing through little towns like Big Lake

if one turns here they would end up in little town of Talkennta this is where our business sells our handmade wooden bowls ,,,,,

The next photo is taken from middle of road leading out of Trapper Creek

she is out in all her beauty today

,,,,,,Trapper Creek
is where we have always bought our birch to make our wooden bowls …

this is the mill where we get our Alaska birch for our wooden bowlsthese are just a few of our wooden bowls we make for sale in many gift stores around the state.
Back on the road heading out of Trapper creek one begins to see the Lady of Alaska if she is out in all her glory there are many ,many pull off to get out and marvel at her, when she is not clouding up and hiding ,,she makes her own weather and many a day she is not seen …next stop is always The Alaska Veterans Memorial
one of my favourite places no matter what time of the year
heading home now next stop will be outside Park to eat …we both are growing weary with trip ..
..either we are sad it will soon be over and we will return to work or maybe we are just growing older and tire out easier …few more towns than we are home again….next stop Cantwell Alaska

atop the summit outside Cantwell swans and fall colours can be seen this day.
If one turned here at Cantwell and took the road to Paxson they would never regret the trip ,,,another story and many of them stayed tuned we have many times across and a story for each trip…..
Next stop Denali Park
and Glitter city (my name for all the gift stores ,hotels rv sites, and camp sites in the area.One does not have to have good hearing, to hear the jangle of dimes and dollar ….next stop Healy Alaska many friend live in this area ..awesome berry picking in this area,,,this is where our first grand baby has her ashes scattered…so this little town will always hold our hearts tight……….always a stop to eat when travelling to get wood for our business…..
Next stop on this trip is in the little town of Nenana Alaska ,,,,guessing when the tripods goes out is a well know item about this little town ..people from all over the world buy tickets ,try to guess when the river ice will go out, and the tripod will fall and float down river far enough to trip the time clock in the station …. …..

wow the trip is almost to an end we are both not talking any more .. whether it’s because the beauty is about to become home and work, or the trip is over til the next get away.Maybe because we are getting older no longer can withstand long round robin trips … either way we are not talking ..we are sort of sad and all talked out about life and dreams …we are now entering Fairbanks Alaska our first home when arriving to the Great State of Alaska ….Onward to North Pole were one might be lucky and catch Santa on break... are even catch reindeer playing ball

We have now travelled the inner heart of the road system …and now we are back where we started ….home …..hope you have enjoyed the trip and will continue to travel Alaska with ME AND MY CAMERA


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