Good Bye Thanksgivings and Christmas

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I hated to have post the above but it seems some think that everything is theirs with out even asking …..I work hard for my camera ,gear and disks and computer and my time ..I love sharing but hate thieves..

Today we, or I should say ,my son killed the turkeys..Yes , we named them Thanksgivings and Christmas ….silly and sorrowful I know ..they were raised for food but like everything little and cute they tend to get under your heart strings and its hard kill them … they had just learned to be turned lose and not leave the yard .. they both were awesome guard turkeys… they could make a believer out of the biggest man around..but they both loved to have their backs petted …they loved going in to the garden looking for things to eat ….or seeing who could get the highest roosting pole in the barn
But on a serious note they were food and will be great to eat …we know what they did and did not eat, they both have been killed ,plucked and cleaned and are now in the freezer ….Knowing that the killing time was coming ,I took lots of pictures before the deed…

Hope all enjoy the photos …..
Thanksgivings weighed in at 31 pounds after all was said and done …

he was all bluff and not much fight ..talked a great gobble…..

Christmas weighed 29 pounds when all was done …she was a awesome little hen ..loved to have her head rubbed would follow the guys around the yard like a puppy with feathers……


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