Good Morning Tolsona

Amazing place ,Tolsona …so peaceful ….the sound of loons on the occasional air taxi landing or taking off..Only sounds I heard that night was the tv ..hubby is hard of hearing after 20 some odd years as a helicopter pilot ,need I say more.
We drove the distance to just be together away from work and children that have moved back home…Love our children , but there is a limit sometimes .
It seems age has caught up to us both ..we love our comforts , like one’s own pillow , the window open , a little back ground noise to make one sleep better.Oh yeah the bed has to be either a QUEEN OR KING SIZE…..NOT A FULL SIZE ,,,Now one wonders how one ever slept on a twin bed in their life time..
Just thought of how when I was a little girl ,many many years ago now , that one of my many plans in life was to be able to sleep in a really large bed and not have to share …NOW I REALLY AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD …One gets married and that is the end of that dream ….
Back to lake …after many hours of making everything right were one could sleep …we did sleep …slept in til 8 am .. don’t sleep that late at home it was nice ..amazing how morning fog on the lake makes everything so very very quite to the human ear…
The one side of the lake was clam with very little fog the fall colour were amazing to the eyes,along with the colour of the plane …hating to leave ..but leave we must getting back on the road .
As we walk back to the truck I take one more photo of the mist on the lake ,,,wondering if they ever see animals on the little island.
As we drive out of Tolsona we get one more picture of the older cabin
lots of repairs are needed but I now  have the makings of some great ideas for future painting …hate to leave wish we could go again soon…….


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