Living with Clause

When one live in the little city ,  North Pole Alaska there never is a dull moment.Christmas year round whether you believe or not  one can’t help but get caught up in the season .

Lights  every where and every business dressed for the title and season year round.

Here one put up their lights in late September or early October if they are smart..Light cords tend to freeze and break at 30 below ,not to mention your finger tips .After a few winters one just never takes them down , its just easier .Tomorrow I will be putting back up the ones around my garden fence

.We take them down each spring because the electric fence works better with out them ,and the moose tend to think they are food if left up .

With Santa Clause
down the street one  must watch their peas and q’s never know when he might be watching  or who in town is his secret elf

in charge of the list.You know the list right? The one telling him who is naughty or nice….  By the way …have you been n……..


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