Farmville Addicted

Hello I am Rebecca  ,I am FarmVille addicted .I was till yesterday .Now I am just mad as hell .Trying to get over it with out wanting kill is hard. Oh my goodness, I am an adult of sorts and need to realize it is JUST A DUMB GAME

For those who play the game and play the game hard will understand where my angry comes from …

I have clicked and clicked and clicked to expand cow barns , nursery barns, horse stables, grown field  after field of crops,added strangers  so ,I  could get more supplies.Even added stupid game bars from hell (that mess up my computer so Icould capture more  supplies for what …

Adopted ever stray foul,calf,duck,cats, turkey , cows ,horses,pig,chicken for what ,just some poor developer of the game with glitch  troubles could take them …

Hey idiot developer of Farmville …my time to helping  you learn the ropes is worth something too…

Wow it will not be as hard to quit the game as I once thought …..

Just a stupid game of hoarding things  at the cost of time ..time I could have been doing something better,,,more true to life things ,

Why  ? Why was I even ever so excited about this game …

It is going to be easier to play now because I no longer care if the trees get harvested  or the cows get fed and to hell with your stupid co-ops that never seem to work …or digging a hole to store things underground

One more thing ,all my time was not wasted, I did meet  some great friends and even some awesome  strangers, even managed to keep in contact with  family ,but you Mr.and Mrs FarmVille Maker  you are not nice ,go back to school ,learn to really make games , learn to set rules and stick to them….i rate you right up there with all the other games i played and dumped  it just took a little longer for you to get to file 13

I won’t be leaving FarmVille…it is like any addiction….but I won’t be giving you  things any money ,no helping third world  countries,nor asking people to join ,or running to harvest thing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i will be watching  to see what becomes of FarmVille


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