The Most Wasteful Thing I Do Each Day

y2.d40 | worry lines

The most wasteful thing I do each day …hum…let me think ……….thinking …I must admit I do many things one might consider wasteful …cleaning things that are just going to need cleaning again tomorrow …. listening to t.v. (I no longer watch t.v. husband is retired and the tv changer has grown to his hand ) ….sitting in front of a computer playing FarmVille…..listening to news…..drinking more coffee then a whole nation should,but I am incline to think the most wasteful thing is worry …yes that is it Worry about the things I can not change or help by worrying ..oh well off now to do as many things as one can in a 24 hour day that the rest of the worlds thinks is a waste of time,but maybe it will keep me from making more worry time…….

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