10 Things That Make Me Happy

a baby’s first laugh
Babies laugh out of joy .. its real , there is no other like it..even the meanest person alive has to laugh with them


home made stew
The type that slow cooks all day filling the house with yummy smells …all day you wait ,smelling it each time you pass by the stove,then it is ready. You have waited all day smelling the goodness ..the first spoon full and then another and another .

sunsets in the late fall in Alaska
The skies all golden and bronzes and just enough blue to let yo know the sky is still there,,,throw in a little nip of wind from the futher cold …just a small amount of alpine pink to make it all worth it ….

Mornings before the sunrise
you’re up early can’t sleep …just like now… its dark and …but you can feel the day light coming… its peaking at the edges of the horizon then it is there and your day begins, but not before the cock has crowed

Any music .the type that makes you want to dance, the ones that bring tears to your eyes,the type that brings back your childhood,the ones you heard in sunday school,,the tune your grand mother sang while cooking….

going some where any where
Love to just jump n the car and go ,,,go any where ,,the adventure of what is out there …the things one see once they leave the place they are at now ..every trip is like a magic carpet ride ….

kittens or any baby animal
they are new and learning and always give you that look they seems to say wow this is different …..

the feeling of fabrics
Fabrics of all sorts from the smooth silky fabric to the ruff nubby texture of burlap…. from the feel of a weave that is so fine you can’t see where one thread begins and the other end…to the feel of the weave that has gaping holes in between the threads…

Hot showers
The feel of the hot water running over the body ,,,the heat relaxing the muscles ,the feel of warm soap lathered up into bubbles ……

sound of a camera click
the sound of a camera being clicked to take a picture … its the sound of memories being made,things being captured ..the sound of new beginnings

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