When all else fails in your life …always remember the manners your mother taught you ……..
….Yesterday on our anniversary hubby and I took a ride out to Chatanika Gold dredge…
we were taking our time til dinner…and my camera wanted to take shots of the old dredge …the whole trip was talk of things we remembered about Alaska ,the history and the antiques of the past ,finally we were at the lodge
hubby went into lodge to get coffee, while I walked over the hill and down the path to the dredge …hoping for the awesome site I remembered from when I used a film camera…
What a terrible site that met my camera lens,,,, local thugs , delinquent ,transgressor, trespasser, of the area had left their marks everywhere from destroying parts of the dredge,leaving human waste and trash while also tagging with spray paint,,,

My unwritten law is tread softly into the woods…leave only foot prints on the path ..take nothing that is not yours,never destroy things that are not yours,,,take only memoires ….I have no idea how far these want to be graffiti artist travelled to do their deed, nor what rules of life their parents may have taught them but I was sicken by the site…
I stood in the cold winter breeze and was almost in tears…angry flowed over me …it was not theirs to do this belongs to the history of Alaska and now it is spoiled for the lens’s of others to come……
the above tag says it all the griffiti was suppose to be scary and rude

Not only was the tagging damage done to the dredge but she was high and dry…the ground around her was dry the water was on both sides of her …the snaking rusting anchoring cables lay on dry land …this type of missing water means somewhere someone maybe a new miner, or a person thinking driving across streams is fun,or lot of new actions in the area are causing an ice lens to melt underneath ..either way some action has caused the water to leave …

The once amazing Dredge is now in ruins because of the unruly action of the few …….

I could see the tagging on the inside areas but I did not entry because of the little sign that says no trespassing wonder what part of that sign they did not understand


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