10***10***10/My Way

Today is 10*10*10…was trying to get photos of day staring at 10:10:10..but things happen ,even though I started on time but I didn’t get far … we had our second real snow today, so had to stay around this area with camera…i try never to get on roads after first few snow …not worth the heart ache
so change of plans I started out doing photos for group on Flickr theme today was opposite so I shot the following
Photo #1 is prints of shoe prints going opposite way in snow

#2 is about seeing a picnic table covered in snow so I decided to draw a heart with arrows pointing in different directions ,this shot is of bench

#3 photo is something i saw days ago but finally got around to it today ..cat tails and bend reeds standing in remaining pool of open water

I was hoping for a better day but it is Alaska and weather is the ruler of all here..I did get a few great winter shots of berries and grass heads…here just a few ..so these are my shots for a day of 10**10**10

The sun did try to return but the snow and clouds seem to have won for now …more travels tomorrow


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  1. Charlene
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 20:19:00

    I Love how you do the pictures and Blog. I find Alaska so interesting and one day I would love to visit it. Keep up the good work love reading and learning things you post. “Hugs”


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