Evening Lights

A few days back the fall sky was afire with colours..I had just finished dishes and was getting ready to sit down to play on laptop……when I looked out patio doorway and ran to grab my camera ….now shooting photos off my deck is tricky ..electric wires cable and phone lines criss cross the skyline …so one either shoots high in the sky or low to the ground …Any hoo here are my tries to capture the sky and all the glory ….hope the colours are to your eyes a joy ….
Photo #1  the sun was just crossing  the road and was picking up the alpine colours of the season

Photo#2 as the sun grows in the sky a little the Alpine colours get the chance to play across the clouds that have appeared to play as well in the evening sky

Photo# 3..Then the intense colours of the evening sun turn  to brilliant  oranges and the trees take on the appearance of fire and flames ..

Photo#4..then the sun cools a little and the former oranges turn to a sweet yellow glow

Photo#5 Then the sun goes lower on the horizon and the Alpine glow of coolness  returns  to call the eve to a sweet cool close

I am trying to re educate myself on camera ..I have forgotten so much …… but I do enjoy the feeling of trying to captures things on film or disks all the same to me


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