Digital Cameras and Effects of Water

Today I was given the assignment to capture movement …well I decide the easiest thing to do was turn on the kitchen water and see what happen …managed to capture a few drops as well as a few bounces of water drops..not professionally perfect but then I am not a professional, but sure was fun to hear that many clicks of my camera …my camera was in super timing ..anyway here are a few of the many clicks at the sink in my kitchen ,,,,,,,
above is straight from disk …love the bubbles in the water stream

did not see the one water drops when I was clicking the flash captured in the one drop

played with colouring the water in this shot ..would you drink pink water if that was how it came or would you search for a different colour ?????

turned the head of water flow on stream and wow ..played around with fill light and saturation of colour on this shot ..

Straight from camera….

The above shot was what I saw when I looked down into sink ..the water was bouncing up off the bottom of a cast iron skillet in the sink …..
Well I hope your eye have had fun with another trip that my camera took …..


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