Feeling Old as the Mountains

This one can feel the age of the mountains today .Our winter is trying to begin the temps are there and the snow has tried to arrived but something is different..You can feel the difference … its like the age of the mountains ..you know they have been there since time began, but they are still beautiful not looking the age they are ,but yet you can see the age if you look close…
they are tricky as well..your eye sees one thing when you look at them but when you bring that camera up and take the shot you really need to be an expert…because they the mountains and the distance break all the rules of sight …there are things at play ..that make for really washed out looks on film and disks….here are a few mountains today for your eyes to enjoy ..and yes I am in a black and white mood of late …

I really had to play with this to get the peaks to show up ..

sorry I have been late with post of late ..life is like the seasons a little unsettled


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