Optimist or Pessimist?

My Old Medicine bottle/ jar collection

Plinky asks "What books are on your winter reading list?"

Hummmmmmm?There probably are no books on my list …I mean if someone has a book that grabs me I might read it..But In the last few years I have given up on books even those I know might be interesting …I do love a good mystery ..but any more it really has to be good………….I no longer get drawn in by a picture on the front of a book..history no longer grabs me too many lies have been involved of late in our history books,science is boring and self help books drive me up the wall….

So I guess my reading list will be checking prices on grocery bills,,,reading labels on meds for husband,,,reading weather on computer,,,checking dates on coupons ..and reading road signs as we go down the highway ..and oh yeah reading the manual on my cameras ,washing machine and new bread maker ….

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