North Pole &ICE

Last years ice carvings contest of the Little city of North Pole Alaska…we decided to share this with a friend from Tennessee…it was really cold and the cold really ate at the batteries of our cameras….

there were so many beautiful carvings and wonderful helpers at the ice carnival ….the whole city was a buzz with the contest …

There was fun for the oldest to the little tiny babies.. warm up tents and coffee and yes even ice cream at the below zero temps could be had drawn sled rides and many many cameras were going click

the carvings were so detailed and we were early no awards had been given yet ….there was lots of ice chips and lights to make the ice intense with glow

there were ice slides and ice cups to spin in …there were people from every walk of life and from far away places …. reindeer to pet and yes even Santa himself could be found in all the things going on around the Santa Clause House .

Fish were found to be a little chilly

The elf of the house was there to make the nice and naughty list …did he see you

The city was aglow with people and smiling faces ..this year I plan on getting a lot different types of photos ..last year we were running our guest from one thing to another around the city ….so timing was a real problem on shots that were planned …….I am learning to make a list of things to shoot , before I go any where now days


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