Cute Kids in Children’s Costumes

As a child in the south I did celebrate ..yummmmmmmmmmmmm ….bags of candy , apples , oranges and oh yeah rice crispy goodies ..wow what a sugar high to be had ….but then things changed people become nasty ,hurting little children…..then churches forgot that it was first a holiday to celebrate the Christian traditions of All Saints’ Day…they spread lies and made it a bad day for children celebrate….

But nowadays I buy all the great candy I can find all made in the USA .I mean bags and bags ..I light up the yard for all the little gobbling and make sure all dogs are kept in side …I take photos of the little witches and devils and all the movie star want a be, and dish out the candy in double hands full in to the large pillowcase candy bags they hold out…..

I mean its Alaska and the temps are in the below zero range this time of year I figure anyone braving that cold darkness needs CANDY ….candy …candy…and never do I judge the age or look of the beggars …..

Plus its like a part of growing up , a test of our inner things and thoughts …fun…..it never fails we get tricks even after giving out the sweet treats, but then they do all comes with a verbal warning …TRICK OR TREAT

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