If I Were President

Ear tattoo

If you were President of the U.S, what would be your #1 priority? Why?

First…before I took on the # one priority a few things are in order

#1..find out were all the bathrooms are located and make sure there is plenty of paper

#2…make sure the bed they gave me had never been slept in by anyone else …

#3….meet the head cook

#4..find the rule book for being President

#5 …find hallway to office..sit behind desks ,,read rule book..

#6 ….Call my mom and cry……..

#7….call up all the people(if they still were alive) that said i would never amount to anything and say "Na Na Na boo boo I made it "

#8…get down on my knees and ask anyone listening in the great above to guide me

#9..read the book of rules again

#10….put on my favourite walking shoes..begin walking the whole area from the front door to the back , around the gardens and through out the house from atop the roof to the darkest recesses of the basement ,, for one must know where they are when they are about to lead the people…..

Now… my first real priority of the people would be…… to listen …listen …listen and listen some more… because no matter what your priority is, unless you have learned to listen before you act all will fail……then find the head cook ..get my favourite meal made ,grab the rule book again and see how what I have heard while listening can be applied with the rules

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