My Dating Deal Breakers

Plinky wants us to ….List 5 of your top dating deal breakers.

First off …I don’t date any more , after reading all the above answers here, is one is hoping she never has to again

So I am borrowing thoughts from my oldest daughter ……..she is still in the dating game and her thoughts usually send me into fits of laughter …sorry ,mommie needed help here….

1. Any person who wipes their nose with back of their hands while eating…….this action might have turned the cave woman on but true turn off to me …..

2.Talking with your mouth full…for goodness sake chew first while thinking about what your next conquest or surprising come backs

3.Burping or farting a real turn off on a date ..and who gave you the idea that doing these things and loudly blame the one you’re with was funny …NOT

4.Picking your teeth at the table after the meal….what next a mini toothbrush

5 . Last but not the least of the five spitting in any form ,on the side walk ,into a cup, out the car window ,on the cracks of the side walk …..

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