Webs in One’s life

Through out ones life there are many many cobwebs,webs of thoughts,times,happiness,sorry basically anything that happens in your life becomes a web. The webs sometimes need to be cleaned away ,enforcing the space with newness and all starts again.For many the webs mount up in lines of beauty ,but for many it is a hall or alley of misery,regrets and loneliness .Wow deep huh…decided today that I was about to clean out a heck of a lot of cobwebs by changing everything in my daily life as its and move into place of worry ,intrigue and newness….
My camera found some cobwebs I am getting rid of hope your eye like the beauty of the webs of a lonely little spiders trials of life

Cobwebs in Window

First attempts to capture the lightness of the strand of cobwebs in kitchen window ,,,no flash just kitchen light and outside morning rays of sun…..had just washed dishes and the moisture on window are the small dots seen in background

Clearing away cobwebs not only in this window but life in general…we are about to embark on a different journey in life ..took this little photo into Picasa3 and played with tint to enhance the webs ..the moisture from washing dishes has settled on the webs and give the web just a tad more strength

Off now to sweep a little more and pack a lot more …things they are a changing


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