The Best Halloween Costume I've Ever Seen

Plinky wants to know "What is the best Halloween costume you have ever witnessed in person?"

It is to damn cold this time a year in North Pole Alaska to do anything but wait on the other side of the door on Halloween night ….one buys the goodies and waits for the door bell to ring …opens door really quick ,waits till all the little ghouls have said " Trick or Treat" ..then shovels candy into their bags and shuts the door…give me a break I just watched $4.00 a gallon fuel steam from my warm house , wafer out the door ..One is not trying to view the over bundled little ghouls for best dressed ….

One is just trying to encourage tooth decay in the little ones …so I guess the best costume would be me in my pjs going to bed ..nuff said …next plinky prompt please

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