Light Never Lies To Your Camera

Today’s prompt from Plinky was about lying about your age ..thoughts about this prompt haunted me as I stood in the voting booth today. I thought about all the lies that happen around one in a time frame of one’s life…As I began to go down the ballot and mark the ones, I thought had lied the least ..My thoughts turned to my camera and how even it lies….

When I went to my photo folders to pick some photos for today’s trip with my camera lens…I decide the pictures where I was trying to capture light on the leaves this fall, only to have my camera see and project something else..Light in nature is sort of like a lie ….it bounces and flutters around ones’ subject and can change in a split-second ..Click goes the camera,sometimes you can capture and sometimes it flys away and you are left with muddy dark photos….

The bright yellows of fall are such grabbers of light

sometimes the light lands on just one leaf and then

then a clouds or a breeze or just a slight movement and it all changes again

then it comes back full force and again it lights up the frame

It was fun trying to capture the light, but I still failed to capture what the eye really saw….


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