My 5 Worst Vices

Some kind soul left he prompt and Plinky thought highly of it ..enough so it wants us again to dig deep into ourselves and tell the world our deep and ugly selves by sharing a ” List five of your worst vices.”

Vice # 1 Daydreamer

yes I am a awful person I can spend hours just daydreaming of things,places, favourite times

Vice #2 Procrastinator

Yeap, that is me i love to put things off to the last mill o second …I mean why hurry if you are just going to do it anyway …take your time and do it once and get on to next level of putting off ….

Vice # 3 Worry

I worry all the time..worry about weather, children, family, pets, cameras, ect ect ect… I just worry

Vice # 4 Glutton

I love food comfort food the type someone else cooks…..Sorry to say My weight proves this one ..I know a lot of great cooks what more can I say ………….

Vice # 5 Over Thinking

I think things near to death .I go over the..what if ,why nots, on and on and on till I almost talk myself out of something …

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