Hello, Mother Nature

the photo is one of my adventures with spider and web

Once I spent the night with a friend in a cabin for a Women's Christian retreat…we laughed and giggled and talked until we fell asleep…Around about 3 am, I was awaken to the sound ,of what sounded like someone hammering nails into a stud….I opened my eyes to see my elder friend standing over me, on my bed slapping the wall with her house shoes.Yes shoes ,not shoe …she had seen two spiders over me and was trying to kill them …..I asks what she was doing.She told me she was trying to protect me ….I finally made it out of bed without toppling her off and picked up the two little spiders and placed them out side…. Every time I think about her and the act of protection, I laugh ..I belly laugh ……Now I hate killing anything ..doesn't mean I not afraid of them but I try to get over my fear and think to self you are bigger then the little guy and run and get my cameras

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