Visiting Moose

My camera ran out the door by it’s self yesterday… while coming into sun room ,I saw the butt of a moose passing by the doorway …running and grabbing camera , coat,hat, I ran out the front door …being very very quite ..I did not see the babies till I was around conner of the house……I have learned to walk slowly and go the long way around to get close enough to get shots….click click click goes the camera then up comes her hackle hairs in the neck area..Knowing I was not making her happy and was getting to close to her babies I backed are a few of the two dozen or so photos I took


A picture of momma Moose before I saw the babies in the woods

Mommy with one of the twins  the other baby stayed well hidden in the woods the whole time

This is the brave baby was not afraid of the camera and the clicking sounds  just kept eating  the garden left overs under the snow

Picture of Mommy stand between me and the second baby the framing of the trees …like she was playing peek a boo



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