History disappears before ones camera lens

This is a great building down town Fairbanks Alaska…it was once the masonic Lodge ..Once it was a building of grand beauty  but it lays in needed repairs and the  love of a group that wants the history to travel forward again….the building is  a big part of the Fairbanks history

It was once well kept and well thought of …..the Wikipedia tells us the story of the building  not to many years ago ..In many different visits to Fairbanks I have taken photos of the building in hopes one day someone would pick it and go forward with history …It is a shame that all  the many local lodges of Alaska  could not find enough  wonderful journeyman in their ranks to make this a building of grandness  again  both inside and out  ,,,

Close up  of some of the damage to the build because of lack of  being maintained.

More damage to the upper level because it was never meant to be a patio  when built …..

The settling of the building  may have caused the  rust running off the top of the building ..,but it could be something as simple as trash caught in the  cap on the missing parts of the building edge ….

Take from other side of the river  a year ago ……

Little further down river to see the side of the building …..the next  shot are of the pillars  in the front …without some repairs they will continue to rot.. A real shame  for such an awesome building

Notice the wonderful stone works above the  windows …I hope you once again have enjoyed the travels of my lens


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