My Favorite Celebrity

Who’s your favorite celebrity, and why?

It is Monday morning with a damp snowy outside, making this one travel inside her mind here in North Pole Alaska.When this writing prompt appeared on the screen this morn …the mind of this one travelled in many directions . Thoughts of collecting autograph of stars ,hero worship of cowboy super stars ,music mania of the era of Beatles and Monkeys,,,,to super writers and movies stars of the day.None of which make me think of it as important any more …

While pondering this prompt …Yesterday reeled through my mind..The three camera travelling ladies of Fairbanks and North Pole went to town to gather time together and capture things of interest on film.

Now you are asking yourself what this has to do with the Plinky Prompt..Here is the story of the Celebrity of Alaska and why she came to mind …while gathering time and photos the three of us became very cold and thirsty….. so we stopped in to a little coffee place on a alley way of Fairbanks …we ordered our coffees and found a little conner to sit in ….the conner held a beautiful old antique settee well worn with age and use …as we tittered on the edges of the old furniture drinking our wonderful coffee and discussing our Flickr accounts and things of importance in our lives ,all was fun ….before we left I took a photo of one of the chairs and a crocheted pillow …..At the time it was just a photo …then this morning when the Plinky prompt appeared I understood the need to capture that photo .

Once in Fairbanks not far from where the coffee house is now, there was a hotel known as the Nordale Hotel on Fairbanks’ Second Avenue.In room 207 was the lady Eva McGown the hostess of Fairbanks Alaska.I could write about her but that would be going away from the reason for picking Eva.You can read of her at the following site

The reason the antiques brought her to mind was my passion for Antiques.It is not so much the thing it self, but all the implanted memories of those that came before us ….the ones that sat there or touched the beauty of the piece or the thoughts that lingered long after they touched the piece…take a look at this chair and pillow and tell me where you travel …when I look at the photo of the chair ,even if it was not hers..real people are my Celebrity ,because of the message they leave not the gossip or make believe of the other type of celebrity types

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