Light Up My Leaves

When my daughter ask what was wanted from Tennessee … leaves and acorns was the answer .. she brought them to me ….but first i must tell what happen to her while gathering the leaves ….she went out into my moms yard and tried to find the brightest  leaves …she saw a beautiful bright red leaf she reached out to gather it… right in front of her a snake fell out of the tree branches from above the leaf…she left the place and returned to the house with out the beautiful leaf…..

While laying the leaves out on the counter I saw the awesome shadow the over head light gave to the leaves ….

played with a mini flash light and placed it in many different places

Under the leaves……..

to the side of the leaves ……

above the leaves hanging from a string…had fun with the hand full of little dry fall leaves from Tennessee…I learned a few more things about my camera … love thinking of something and trying it out .. know it is not professional lighting but it sure was fun ..again hope you enjoyed the trip of my camera


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