Icy Webs

The phone rings and it is a friend wanting to go play in the snow …..she will be right here ….yes yes yes I can go ..grab snow boots,coat,gloves,money for coffee and camera.. that took all of five minutes ..wait wait wait ..clicking away on the camera as I wait …she is here and off we go ……the ice and hoarfrost is awesome… the sky is the colour of the deepest part of Russian River behind the white of the snow..the sparkles are amazing…. where to start ….we tried to catch rainbow reflection off sign post and sparkles on the grass and water reflections on the river …we talked about Flickr and friends not with us and things we need to do in the near future …Just two friends on a cold walk in the woods

Here is Vicky ,doing her thing with her camera , getting caught in the moment with the things around her……

Found this little remains of a spider web in the little group of spruce trees…took it into Picasa 3 , did a screen print from my photo because of the love the look ice in the shot ….

We came back to city of North Pole and ventured down the walking path on way back to car …saw this pole with a peace blessing on it. I even rang the peace bell on the sign ..then we were off to Santa Clause House for great coffee …Oh what a fun day

Hope again you have enjoyed the trip ..tomorrow of this days travel ….


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  1. Shelly Showalter
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 05:25:18

    Gosh, it looks like you had fun. Wish I could have been there. Smile….
    Some of have to work. Dang. Oh, well. The cycle of life moves forward. I will get to play one day too.
    Enjoy my friends. I’ll see what I can capture on my week-end journey.


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