The Lesser of Two Evils

What's the lesser of two evils: Body odor or bad breath?

Now you have done it Plinky ….you made me have to pull out the thing that helps relieve all angry …..I pulled out the little machine that helps one get rid of pills bumps on sweaters….I mean really who thinks up these prompts..First I don't feel the word evil fits either….. anyway ..In Alaska we are a different breed of people …nine months out of the year we are over dressed even if you are using the layering method…and boots smell because they are worn all the time ..and in and out of warm places causes one to sweat… guessing the nice word would be perspire …….in the summer we are either camping or gardening and fighting off mosquitoes ,,,,, so don't wear a lot of perfume or deodorant because in summer it seems to attract the mosquitoes …so here one learns to stand at distance in either season and carry lots of tick tacks in case you run into a movie star or ex governor ……So really I am not offended by either ….Guess it takes all kinds of people in life.

The photo is one of the many outhouses across Alaska that I have taken with my camera

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