Icy Webs Part II

Vicky says Look Up …Look Up ..and I did and took many many photos of the sky with awesome colour of the sky and the stark white hoarfrost clinging to the branches of the mighty birch trees…………….

Along the river the ice and snow and hoarfrost clung to everything …but it was a warm day for Alaska,because all around us things were thawing and dripping drops of clear water….the hoarfrost was a gentleness was falling ¬†sparkles……

Many spots on the river still had flowing water and the reflections of the surrounding area reflected in the open water…the jagged edges of the unfrozen water make a beautiful frame for the reflection

On the other side of the river Alaska birch and aspen standing tall and wonderful are reflected in the flowing water making for a nature painted water colour photo

Found a little green moss on one of the Alaska Birch trees covered with snow and hoarfrost and a little drop of water clinging to it …….

I love this land …my cameras love this land ….hope you have found joy in the photos tonight ………….


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  1. matt
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 05:31:12

    give me now


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