Searching For Solitude

Making a list and checking it twice …finished bowls,made bed,made another list….got cup of coffee……made another list throw away first two list….ideas …ideas and more ideas…not trying to be pushy just ideas of things to see and things to take photos of …..grabbed coat and gloves … check camera battery ….extra disks …money …kiss hubby and answer doorbell.
We are off on another photo journey …missing one of the troupe so it is just the two of us again….
We are in search of things around here that shout solitude …..but first a little ice carving stop to see what will be happen in North Pole from Nov 26 2010 through Jan 2,2011…there will be many many wonderful adventures for all be sure and come……

Now my list of things that could be considered as solitude
Going to the Wikipedia again … made the decision to try another search … placing places of solitude in the search machine ….came up with about 16 things to search for on our day out together….

List of thing to find
Church,lone tree,yoga mat in front of open window ,empty snow covered field,bathtub with candles,river bank ,lone bench ,chairs in front of open fireplace,island of trees in lake or pond,path in woods, lone cabin ,cabin with path or foot prints to cabin , candle lit room ,alcove with statue of worship , Buddha ,gateway to path…….
we had a wonderful time finding these items and a wonderful trip around the city of North Pole …up to University ,into town of Fairbanks off to have lunch where we found the missing party of our troupe ..then off to try our luck at Chena Lakes Recreation again ……

Here is some of the things I found …..
First a quick view of one of the many ice carvings to come to the area

Then my favourite shot of the day … because I collect angels

Then a beautiful little gateway to the wooded area behind it …..this is a bright red but i decided to give it a black and white treatment to make it appear more inviting into solitude of the woods

Then we found a cabin with snow free of footprints …….

After Vicky got her shots , I got a few as well…I took off toward the house and walked up and around the things on the porch going around the cabin …we then took photos of footprints leading to the cabin …I again did mine in black and white so I could darken the path way …

Then we were off to find one more thing in North Pole …a pond or small lake with an island of trees

Then we went back to the car …but decided to walk in to the park area to see what we could find we got lucky and found a few things not on the list ……first a beautiful snow covered foot bridge over a stream…..

Then out of the blue a wonderful thing, but a sad one as well …in the little stream of open water was a lone duck ….this was sad because there is not enough food sources in this stream to keep this guy alive through our winter …..

Back in the car and off again in search of more solitude …..we drove toward Fairbanks …..searching for solitude and sunshine …we left cold gray skies in North Pole and found wonderful sunny skies and temperatures up at university …finding a wonderful sun highlighted bench just waiting for a lone person to brush and sit in the sunshine

After making a few more stops we headed toward the lunch time break …thinking we would just have quick lunch and talk about more ideas …..Holm Town Nursery is were we ended up finding not only more photos , but the third part of our troupe.What a wonderful surprise to find her there . We had lunch in the beautiful little Bistro…while waiting for our lunch we walked around in the nursery and gift store and took the following shots
A sitting Buddha surrounded by plants and bamboo and amazing colours ….

Then this funny little guy in a water dish ….he makes me happy …place a lot of beautiful plants around him in a special little garden I could find solitude there….

Lunch is over and we are off again in search of more solitude ..we have shot everything on the list plus some but we want more …we have talked about everything under the sun and clouds .. today we have travelled many miles in search of things that are probably in out back yard, but it is the search sometimes that is the solitude the search….we have made our way back to North Pole we are again a Chena Lakes were a lone snow covered bench awaits a lone traveller…..

Then down the path a beautiful snow covered walk awaits a person in search of solitude of nature …..
Back home again wow what a wonderful day of fun …talk…good friends…awesome things of friendship of sharing…. back home carry in camera and find hubby give him a kiss and let him know I am home …then grab cup of coffee …while drinking coffee spy one more shot of solitude…in my small down stairs alcove patio my settee is covered with snow now, but all summer its a place of solitude even with summer time mosquitos

I hope you have again enjoyed the trip to find photos with my camera


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