Ugh, My Worst-Ever Haircut

Show a picture of your worst-ever haircut.

Oh my goodness…you didn't ask this of a lady …did you ? did you?

There must be a computer era …the screen is playing tricks again …You know it is rude to ask a lady this ? Right ? You do know this ?HELLO are you listening out there ? Where are your manners ? My goodness a lady on her worst hair day would not run to a studio and have a photo made …..No …No… NO!!!!! she would grab a scarf and cover up the mess and hide behind shuttered windows ….What are you thinking Plinky ? Have you no shame ? Show you a photo of my worst hair day …I think not …so here in stead is a beautiful flower photo I took a while back …I want you to know you made the flower cry ……..

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