Technology I Can't Live Without

What's one piece of technology you can't live without?

Just like a few others here ….finding it hard to live with out certain technology items is not hard at all.After living with my Grandmother for a few years as a child ….taking spit bathes and using a outhouse,seeing meals cooked on wood stove …having one lone electric light hanging in the kitchen …nope its not hard to live without any of the many wonderful items which we now find our self having…….but….could feel a knot of fear at the thought of having the newest camera taken away has become part of my body.. its intertwine with my hand and finger..involved in my heart and mind ..find my eye becoming itchy at the mere though of not having the viewfinder with in inches of my eyes….. the wonderful wonders of see the photo the second you take it and having the power to change it and redo it is way to wonderful

Have you ever had to go without it? Yes, forgetting to charge battery ,plus only having one battery found myself having to take another camera. What happened?Spent the day cussing self .

Photo another one of my works taken today out my kitchen window……

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