5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Week

Not sitting up in the mall
For over twenty years we were in the mall with our products…which meant days of standing behind a curtained off area ..getting the shelves together and the products of many artist on the shelves,,,getting all ready for the people that had to shop on the day after turkey day …five years ago we gave it up and I have not missed it one bit …..

Not cooking from scratch
Yeah …clapping hands for all the wonderful things in the market place now making it possible to enjoy the day along with others,,,,,

Not playing the guilt game
We no longer have family close enough to worry about the guilt thing of family ..and our children are told not to worry if they can not make it or have to work …to much guilt is made of other during the holidays for no real reason….

Not shopping on the day after
we have never done this and I don’t plan to now when I could …I hate crowds and after being on the retail side of the game I know there are no…. I repeat NO …. bargains out there …..if someone tells you its 70% off you really should investigate their mark up

Sleeping late ,eat and sleep some more
Have learned to enjoy my age lately …love getting up when ever the eyes open and taking a nap when ever the eyes say to…. babies have it right from birth….they eat ,sleep ,cry, go potty , eats some more, sleep some more ,then do it all over again……. yeap can’t wait

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