Looking for the Light

We are under a severe weather warning so I did not have time today to play with camera …..instead went into file photos of the cameras travels earlier this summer ….been meaning to play with these for a while….when the lilies were bought there was plenty of natural sunlight still around ..not like now ,the sun comes up and goes down just a quickly …..I took the vase of flowers out to the patio , where the strong light could be used and just started shooting …

The flowers were full of pollen and sap ..and the smell was really full burst ..so much so that bees were drawn to the flowers before its all over above colour version …

really love the effect black and white has when used on flowers ..lets the eye and heart paint

The next four shots was about trying to catch the little edge of light I refer to as Angel light … its seen in photos, as a fine edge of light almost there and almost not …..like nature has drawn a outline of the subject with a pen light …..

Just barely can make it out in the colour version ……

then again , I did a black and white of above shot ….
This flower is so full of curls and twist one petal can make a whole other photo ..

Then the black and white version just pops with the angel light …..

Promised you the bees here are two shots with bees on the flowers colour version first

The the black and white of same shot ……

Hoping the trip was exciting again …..from the lens of Rebeaks camera


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