So Over The Moon

Third day of rain ….to many of you that is a ..So what its raining.
But to Alaska’s people this time of year it means many dangers ..slips and falls,broken bones ,head injuries,crashed cars,insurance woes,water damage and missed appointments …The temps are hovering around the 30 range and rain on snow at those temps means ice ,ice and more ice. Layers of water on the hidden ice is so deceiving to the eye …but the foot finds it quickly …..things collapse because of the weight …car trunks and doors freeze solid…parking lots and road ways become a night mare .. Its so hard to believe that people continue to travel when the state dot says stay of the roads….even harder to think people think they can travel at high rates of speed ..
Then there are the people that have to have take out food …just because and they never think of the life of the person delivering the food and the dangers they face…even harder still to think that a business would offer take out or demand their worker take that chance…
We need to get real with things around us …if the state says do not drive unless you are emergency personal then for goodness sake don’t ….the hospitals are full … the road crews are bone tired with work . People wake up there is nothing that important that you have to travel in these conditions .Stay home enjoy a day off..sleep a little longer …..

I have pulled three file photos of attempts at capturing the moon ..two are tripod and one is hand held attempt ….this shot was taken on tripod in my front yard last winter…this is the best of 7 shots ….i really need ,,,no make that


a remote so I don’t have to touch camera after getting it in focus …..Santa do you hear me

Next shot was taken in Tennessee in my daughters front yard back in April ..using tripod ….this is best of many many tries…didn’t stay outside to long …I hate sneaky snakes and it was just muggy and hot enough for the little darlings …

The next photo was taken on our trip to Valdez Alaska ..This one is hand held ..about 8 shots were taken and many were deleted ….It was a lot of focus hold breathe click.. repeat above again and again…almost forgot while bracing self against side of truck or building ….

Hope you enjoyed this trip ..If you are anywhere this season and road conditions are bad .. stay home …relax and don’t put anyone else life in danger and stay safe someone loves you ….and Santa if your listening I want …extra battery and a remote and more disksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss….Happy Holidays where every you are …..


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tootsie
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 00:06:12

    The pictures are beautiful 🙂


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