Stand Up and Dance

When you're feeling down, what music cheers you up?

Ok Plinky here is the deal ..Any type of music make me happy ..This am …. early am , I was playing Farmville on Facebook out of boredom . When up pops a ditty that happen in a mall

..Now this song is religious in nature ,but I found myself wanting dance from the joy of the song …..

It can be any sound …if it stirs the soul…isn't it wonderful that music is that way ..each note of this song made my soul stir and my muscles wanted to react to the stirring ……at the very end when their hands rose toward the sky i found myself wanting to stand on tip toe and dance and throw my hands to the sky as well…now maybe it was lack of sleep …remember I did say it was early o dark 30 here, and I was not truly awake …Anyway take a listen and enjoy the feeling of joy and need to move ………………………..

Photo taken in fall in Valdez Alaska ….attempt to capture moon

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