Angels Abound

Tonight was about having fun ,after yesterday long family time….I have been playing all day with family history and just playing with camera and ideas..

Found a post couple nights back on Soft focus bokeh a

No matter how I tried I could not make it ..but I kept trying … what I came up with is cutting the circle to fit inside a clear uv filter …then I cut out with a punch a small Angel …..after many tries it was many tires I could final see the angels…Now I realize I am using the wrong size lens and really need a tripod and remote but it was fun trying…………….
This is what I came up with

Theses are the tools I used

Again I am just having fun because it’s snowing again outside ….here is the subject I was playing with …a glass angel a string of Christmas tree lights and hand-held Nikon

d40 ….. I have done a colour and b&W version of each

B&W is a little more clear

The next few shots are of the bokeh I can get …maybe I will continue to play on better cut outs and better use of tripod and remote …have to get serious …

B&W version

Little more free movement making the angels look double or like they have a shadow angel

then we did the B&W

One more try

It was so much fun and it worked but I think I will try a dark gray paper and use a softer paper …I need a better tripod and a remote Santa I sure hope you are listening SANTA …..

These little guys would be awesome in different colours …hope your eye have been entertained and you have enjoyed the travels of my camera and lens ………


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    Nov 30, 2010 @ 00:18:57

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