Exploring nature with its many forces

Wow it just seems like yesterday was spring.
We were chasing the sun around Alaska.
Again the weather that everyone envisions when they hear the word A**L**A**S**K**A (singing the tune of the visitors info commercial………………..
It has been a crazy start to our winter for sure…no snow no extreme cold,then it hits with a smack to the human skin with the force of a bomb….ice storm that made walking or even crawling difficult …then wet snow so heavy it collapses green houses……now temps so cold it freezes the hen house door closed…..so cold would not dare try using my camera outside today ….not because the camera could not stand it but because my finger tips would freeze ….
So I am back in file photos again today ..

Berry photos of the day I was trying to capture snow falling on disks ( I still find self wanting to say film….)

More of berries clinging to branches so as to feed the hungry birds through out winter..nature is good that way leaving bounty in the edges of the fields

Even the berries are protected by nature ensuring food for the little creatures that will need then

Hoping this trip with my lens and frozen finger tips has made your eyes happy and you have truly enjoyed


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. uphilldowndale
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 18:23:16

    Thank you for braving the cold


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