Being Real To Self

When one becomes greedy its a real eye opener when their reflection is seen in the mirror..When joining Flickr I never dreamed how important getting in to Explore was ..the sting of the glory and joy of seeing your photo in the top 500 for the day any day is so powerful to me any away ..

…Today I am so sorry that the power drove to me join many groups just to capture the joy ….over 1300+ groups and well over 1750 + contacts …and outside applications to help increase your stats …I am such a small person for wanting the few seconds of joy really I am .. its not worth my time any more

This is not what was wanted .. wanting to learn from the ones who made it there on merit of the photo was what I wanted …the awesome capture from around the world ..the tones of colour or black and white handled by a person that was one with their camera …

Learning from the oneness of those that know their cameras like the inside of a good book….

Learning to see one’s greed is a nasty wake up for sure ..I saw self this morning after being caught in a tangle of webs so deep even the players do not know themselves.

I have decided to leave things alone by go back to learning .. Learning by mistakes has gotten me this far in life … trying to make things happen is not the way …I will be taking myself out of a lot of groups and will be cleaning up my computer by taking a lot of out side application off and going back to me …
Me likes looking a other peoples work and learning from it ..loves giving awards for awesome photos ..I do not have a lot of knowledge to leave in comments with any resemblance of knowledge so I use a lot of simple words ..but know this if your work has caught my eye and I leave even a one word comment its meant with all the realness I have in me ….one artist to another artist…

So from this day forward if you leave me an invite do not feel insulted if I do not join the group….if you see something I could do differently share with me …if you want to be a contact you have a long list of have to haves on your profile ..I will begin checking everything with the fine eyes of eagle fishing from a mile high
So tonight I am pulling a fun Photo of my grandson …because while taking these photo we were real …. learning together having fun without any desire to be anything but ourselves…

We were having fun …my daughter had cut the legs off a pair of sweat pants ..and him being a teenager pulled the leg over his head .. he reminded me of a cartoon person ,,,seeing the joy ,,,, I snapped the photos as fast as I could ….

Adding one more photo of tonight’s travels


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  1. Shelly Showalter
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 04:46:53

    What an open and honest piece. I’m so proud of you. You’ve change a lot since starting this blog. Continue to rediscover yourself. Remember, you don’t need to travel the world to do it, you can bloom where you are planted.


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