Seeking The Light

It is that time of the year here in North Pole Alaska when one seeks to become one with even a second of the light of the sun…the beautiful heat orb comes up later and later each day then disappears before one can blink..For last few days the heat orb has left beautiful alpine glows all around ….I look out my kitchen window and I see the tops of the large black spruce coated in amber and pinks and the sky this time of year has such awesome shades of blues and greens..But no matter how hard I try ,my lens and my eye can not agree on the shot and its beauty ..It never seems to be what my eyes see…so here are a few shots from the last few days …

When I saw this I jumped up grabbed camera and coat and ran out the door …not checking camera sitting just excited and happy to see the sun

It is minus 27 this morn of these shots and the camera is saying to me what are you thinking as the click is drawn out and long but I need to shoot so more….

Then I turn to go back in side and see the trees in the neighbours yard ….

Giving up now and headed to house before fingers freeze off..but I see one more shot

It is a little warmer near the house and the ice covered branched are melting and water drops are forming on the tips of the buds….any way I am going back inside now .. hope you have enjoyed another trip with my lens


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