Not knowing is LAME

Been a while for sure ..No excuse here just lazy ..winter sadness ...SAD for sure with this condition should never sit down in front of computer …the hungry in your mind and body will keep you there way to long…
Going to share what not to do to day with your camera on a field trip below zero ….The three camera toting ladies of Alaska went to an art show first off and had a great time looking at other artist from Alaska ..If you’re in the area and want to see the Show read all about it here The Bear Gallery……
Then we were off to the North Pole for CHRISTMAS IN ICE please come out and visit the many things to do …..

Now for my title here are a few don’t for your camera at extreme temps ……even with the best of cameras you really need a tripod to get the shot at night .. you need to go when there are very few moving people or objects and you need to learn to move at your own pace and not hurry …We all hurry way to much any more ..we run through life not really taking time to study ,enjoy , and breathe…

Now here are my mistakes for the night …. first mistake was clicking quickly instead of slowly pushing the button ,,,

Moving to fast again while trying to catch people and ice form

Then there were the wonderful slides with joyful screaming children and worried voices of parents…. not having pre set camera for no flash big mistake ..not being ready another …I should not have been shooting in Auto

To many clothes ,not knowing your camera ,and being over weight and easily tired out do not make for a camera toting makes for bad really bad shots…but I did manage to capture a few shots worth keeping here is one of about six out of 50 shots for the hour and half we spent there

Hope this tale of woe was helpful to some and that those already knowing aren’t laughing to hard ……enjoyed the trip with my camera lens even if they were mistakes …hope you did as well…learn still at my age …..


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