Childhood memories

Last night I got the tree up….do not know why I trouble myself ….it took all day and a few hours from the night before…around eight last night finally had it in the conner and lights were on…hubby put topper on after I got it moved ..silly, old out of shape woman on the floor pushing tree across floor toward the conner in heaven must have had a great laugh ….Getting decoration boxes out of crawl space under stairwell is not fun nor easy …then carrying them up two flights of stairs..then unpacking ,unwrapping each decoration,..was so out of breathe …took a little break and read camera manual in quite room came back in a hubby had tree out of box and was putting it together (thank you honey )we managed to get it all fluffed out and went to bed …would spend the next day checking lights and decorating it
While checking light before putting them on tree Mr.Tips had to help

everyone gets into the act….
Took a little break and tried to put a little camera time in
tried to capture a few bokeh shots..

then took a few photos allowing flash to flash

the above photo is of a decoration a friend from the village of Minto Alaska gave me years ago …it is made of sealskin and velvet and beads and love ….

did a black and white of this and got a comment to share

The comment was that he hoped the seal was killed for food and not just the skin….my heart was so torn ..I wanted to say something….but when beginning to explain that natives did not kill for just the skin ..had to stop because not all natives follow the law..just like many whites don’t follow the law of hunt and the land …

Tree is up and cats are in their place and all is well even if we are sad and still wondering why we bothered to put the tree up
This is file photo from last year showing both cats

This is only one of the cats from this year …the other cat was busy playing in boxes

Here are my thoughts of seasons gone by….hope you have enjoyed the travels and time with my lens and me
Childhood memories
With all our senses we are what we are …things and smells that can trigger your life memories are almost funny here are some of the things I remember each time the holidays roll around……the

memory smells of a child …….smell of a coal burning fire,,,,sage and celery ,pumpkin spice…vanilla,,,,ground coffee perking on wood stove,,,,biscuits in stove,,,,turkey and ham ,,,,cigar smoke ,cherry blend tobacco,,,,allspice after shave,,,,,perfume of all the aunts,,,,,,double bubble gum that uncle jimmy brought us,,,,apples,,oranges,,,,
smell of cold air rushing in the door each time someone came in ….smell of all the coats laying on the bed in the front room,,the smell of the new comic books cousin brought to share,,,,,,
chocolate cover cherries that Aunt Ruth brings….ceder kindling burning in the stove ,,

I never really have to cook to remember this things just a breeze blown from an orange in the store or a taste of ground coffee( this means coffee made the old way perked on the stove not bought at coffee hut )…..some little elder lady walking toward you wearing the old type perfumes not smelled today in any perfume counter… memories …that is what a real holiday is ,,,,,,,,,,written three years ago …. for notes on Facebook


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  1. pawpoint
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 20:53:04

    amazing photographs! I love the blokeh ones. Nice work.


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