Wow it is a sad world one lives in today in the year of 2010….maybe things will be different in 2011…yesterday brought silly sad state of feelings to my wee heart…..Again one was told how to congratulate someone ….or even give someone a gift …I made the effort to find out whom of my Flickr friends made Explore top 500 and Explore Front Page …doing this first thing everyday takes a little while and very little effort because of the programs used..
Programs Used by Rebeak

Exploring Flickr

Darckr, your Flickr Viewer and Tool

Flickr For Busy People

Flickr interestingness and groups

Front Page Capture


also used is

Now you all know my dirty secrets ..I am not a shame nor am I a cheat …nor are any of you ….belonging to or using any of the above programs does not ensure you Explore nor Front page ..all of the above places to find people in Explore or Front Page Explore ..all are free to anyone …..there are no cost one is buying votes…nor looks…. nor perks by using them …one still has to click on each photo to give a view or a congrats ….

As no one really knows what is behind the algorithms of Flickr Explore or front Page ..the game is wide open …so to all who have called me a cheat for using theses programs or have asks me not to reveal where I find them …I say….. I am to old to be told how to give praise … where praise is needed… so live with it …..
on to the second problem

or even give someone a gift “..very seldom do I send a photo flickr mail or regular email to anyone …there is a share button on each photo for such things now …… I made the effort to do a holiday photo for fun…. and I tried sending it to people whom had always comment or awarded my photo over the year …first time for every doing such a thing in such a big way …seems there are lot of you that don’t like that .. you consider it spam …..oh my goodness ….what a crock rotten milk …..I receive over 20 on some days …. never do I consider them spam …I go to the photo and praise the author ……hummmmmm..let me think friend you can go into your settings and turn that off and you will never be offended again…. that’s right you can never be offended again by me or anyone else just turn it off ….

my grandmother said never ever bite the hand that feeds you will become mighty hungry if you do …so here is a cookie hope your hungry ……

So….. YES WORLD I USE ALL THE ABOVE PROGRAMS AND I AM NOT A CHEAT……get over your fear of being called a cheat it only gives you heartburn…..
My photo today is of a jar with a ribbon ..I was trying to learn the setting on the camera dial ….I really need to pay attention and do the one thing I always tell my children read read again then play with the toy otherwise you will break your toy


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  1. MissyV110
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 13:40:48

    I see you have convinced yourself that this kind of forced pyramid commenting is just fine. Who cares if a small number of sycophants take over explore?

    Lots of other people who DON’T use these means, that’s who.


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