Almost Over

Man am I happy that the holidays are almost over ….I am in the mist of taking down decorations and really want to be done with it ………I want to play with the camera and I want to read..I am so far behind in all my fun things it will take the whole year to catch up…yesterday we took back my gift that did not fit ..looked all over town for another to replace it finding nothing..Hubby told me to just buy something anything I did ..Sam’s Club had the converter for making old negatives into digital .and a hand held scanner here are a few things I have done so far ..all of these are from old slides or negatives . I am still learning how to take out dust and scratches . But oh what fun and the memories are just heart warming almost better then a new coat …

This first photo is a slide that was taken around 1978 or so and it like all my other negatives and slides been through some ruff times

this is of one of my baby brothers ..taken around 1978 ?

Next one is of my oldest daughter …love her smile….

Well I am off now to finish putting away things and cleaning for the new year to come ..Hoping this little lapse of writing will not continue ..I really can not stand not doing what I sat out to do …hope you eyes had a great time with me and my camera lens both new and old…..all about growth


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