New Year 2011

New Year 2011 ..second day into new year, and I am already tired…..
yesterday the trio of camera toting mamas were out and about … for the first time in a while…for me it was a first I was breaking all superstitious and traditions by leaving my house on New Year Day ….Yeap!!!!!!! I Am still here nothing bad happen ( laughing out load knowing my friends are grinning and laughing as well.. )..
We visited the all famous Creamer Field again to begin our romancing of the winter sun …it appears late in the morn and disappears way to quickly

So the trio camera toting mamas stared at cameras fields ..while Manywinters and Alaskanshelly were taking awesome pictures of old buildings and trees ..I was caught up in all the surrounding actions …there were cross-country skiers,Skijoring and sled dog teams …way to much for the slow me to keep up with …All day every time the camera came close to my eye the glasses fogged over so focus was a real mix of hit and miss photos( always in a hurry …still afraid of holding others up

here is one of the barn  ,taken before my eye glasses and fog became one…..

here is one more Skijoring
Alaskanshelly best shot of Creamer Field
what happens when you are prepared and use the tools of the trade…

Manywinter’s beat shot day of trip

We moved on up to the top of the hill at UAF and tried to get a few shots of the setting sun …yes now the sun was going down


…time moves quickly now …the sunset was beyond words …this part of the trip was exciting we drove around from one parking lot to the next romancing the sun and the different angles ..

MY favorite photo of day 


.. thoughts after this day ..always bring every camera supply need weather you use it or not ,,extra batteries ,note to self make the camera gloves you want now ….
make mental notes to self about shots you want talk talk about what we are after…..add more people to group …new people means new ideas..have one trip where we talk and get to know each others camera..take more group photos using timers… HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL READERS


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  1. johnny
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 00:51:37

    i like it


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