What I Want to be Remembered For

What do you want to be remembered for?

Vanity is a real problem isn't it ?To even answer makes me think of being vane …If I am gone I am gone …I would not know one way or another whether someone remembered me or not …

I want it all now , not later…if you like me tell me now ..if my art catches your eyes or heart, you only have tell me now. I may even give you a print….if you are unhappy with me tell me ….maybe I can change….or maybe you can help me change

I would hope I was not living each day to impress someone later….I am probably saying this all wrong ….but it is about now not later …if you can not get it right here and now , it won't matter later……I don't want to be remembered for anything other then being me …the me you know right now …..I want to live to be 120 …right now I am not doing anything out of everyday living to make it a fact ..but that being the case ,I am still trying to be able to reach 120 years of living on this plant….I want to taste foods ,breathe air ,walk on top of mountains and love doing what the camera lens sees or the paint brush and paints imparts on canvas..I want to see things from all sides ,view things from all angles .Paint skies red when they are blue and see into the eyes of others…I want to live not think about death and what someone might think after I am gone …..

The egg photo was done for the A group I belong to on Flickr ..the ides was New …..what is an egg but New ..

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