The Sun Sets Here

Alaska winter sunsets are so beautiful but for the untrained camera buff it is hard..First it usually way cold outside and gloves and mittens made for hard camera button pushing …second the sun from early parts of December to mid March comes up and goes down quick …to quick …it is all in timing and temps..but it would go even better if one knew what they were doing ….nightmares are what I see after a day in the field …I am to quick on the trigger and not knowledgeable enough in my cameras to make decisions quickly in the field ..I try a lot of different sitting …hoping for a few good shots …At least one can delete in the field now and try over and over.. til they get what they want to see..but everything has to work correctly ….. the camera… the brain ….the hands and fingers …. equipment…buying anything cheap trying to make do in Alaska only ends up costing one things that are tested to extreme temps . …buy the best in batteries…buy the best in disks ( cheap disk are prone to static charge)

…here are a few of my attempts at yesterdays beautiful sunset …click each photo for larger view
#1 photo is of the brightest part of sunset ….

#2 photo is crop of the mountains to the left of the sunset …..

#3 photo is above photo with little play with light

#4 photo is of valley and sunset by doing screen print of zoomed cut of photo …

All in all the photos aren’t trash but they are not what I was seeing….my eye and heart were seeing such awesome beauty but the camera was not receiving the same info …… that was my fault for not knowing my camera …. not knowing the setting I needed …. its not magic…. but work and I was lazy ….


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