If I Had One Hour in a Time Machine…

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One hour … in a time machine …..where to?????????????? to the tiny particle of dust just above the beginning of the earth please..front row please…warm cup of coffee please… oh my goodness to sit or stand ?…. ..probably stand it would be a great moment in time .one such always stand at important times……to view the eruption of all … to hear the tearing of space …. to see and feel the rumble of the power of a new beginning …watching the earth become earth …. to be able to know what is now and see where it all began …..it is 5 am Alaska time looking out my window right now back here on earth there is a METEOR SHOWER….it is cloudy with some breaks in the dark sky but every now and then one can see a bright flash ….or a streaking star…..one can only envision the beginning with all the flashes and rumbles and eruptions of a new plant in its birth but if one could go back and see this …our thinking would be so focused on life in a different way …so fly me to the open spaces of time please …….

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