Baby it is Cold Outside

Today it seems to be colder ,,,,yet it is warmer by almost 50 degrees…from minus 35 to 10 above… yet it feels colder to me …i am getting old ….every bone , joint ,muscle in this old body aches …Just a tad on the upset side today …no …no maybe a little more on the more sad side….. last night again told a photo on Flickr had made the all wonderful Explore…. it did … really it did but it could not hold it’s own ..shame this old one can not seem to get it right any more…..feel self shifting shaping into whimp…..can not stand the cold on either side of minus sign and hate disappointment
….oh well on to other things …moving on now
Today I sharing a few photos taken yesterday in my front yard …. first one is of a branch Siberian pea shrub

This is a wonderful large shrub now but it has had many battles ,moose eat it , mowers mow it over and every Alaskan bug loves to live in it ….. beautiful in the spring with sweet yellow blooms and in the fall the little pea pods break open and pop across the way …many a time catching someone unaware of the explosion ……

Second photo is different angle

yesterday after taking these shots ,we had to shake the shrub of all the ice and snow …the extreme temps were causing it to be weighted down and were about to break the main limbs ….

Have a lot of household changes today and tomorrow ..hoping to get a chance to capture some more outside shot but not sure …
Hope your eyes were entertained again by me and my camera lens ….baby it’s cold outside


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